About Us

The 51st International 500 mile sweepstakes was held at the Indianapois Motor speedway in Speedway, IN. over two days, Tuesday May 30 and Wednesday May 31st, 1967.  I was fifteen years old.  The race was dominated by Parnelli Jones in the radically new four wheel drive STP-Paxton Turbocar gas turbine entered by prolific car owner Andy Granatelli.  With three laps to go, however Jones coasted to a stop when a $6 transmission bearing failed.  A. J. Foyt assumed the lead, and weaved his way through a pileup on the final lap, to win his third Indy 500 victory.  Ever since that day I have been fascinated with racing.  As I grew older my attention went into motocross.  I worked at many motorcycle shops and landed at a Suzuki shop on Keystone Ave.  called Cycle City.  Bill Dake was the owner and a mentor to me.  I have so many great memories of working at this shop as assistant manger.  In the year 1974 I retained the number 2 position in two different state races that year.  In 1975 I started my own motorcycle accessory shop called World Class Products.  It was a dream come true selling motorcycle accessories to my friends and being a part of the grass roots of motocross in Indiana.  My claim to fame was designing and manufacturing a motorcycle hand guard which are called “Mud Muckers”.  I also was the first announcer at a local motocross track called Knobby Hills.  Also I am very proud about having a BMX team which competed at the Jag World Championship in Indianapolis,  After three years in business with the accessory shop I had to close.  It was a very important chapter in my life and one that I will always look back with fond memories.  In May 23 2018 I secured the domain indyracingportal.com.  I wanted a site that would be a news source for all types of racing.  The goal is to have an events calendar that will show the different dates for racing enthusiast’s to access. I love the internet and have many different sites.  It is a daunting task but one I enjoy.  Please visit larryhughey.com to see some of my different adventures in music and racing.

Our Vision

To become a valuable news source of all kinds of racing.  Indy car, Nascar, Motocross and Drag racing.  To give the racing enthusiast a one stop source for news and schedules.  

Our Mission

The mission of Indy Racing Portal is to respect and build upon its heritage as a sharing site on Facebook, reporting on the breadth of motorsports.
The editorial content and business practices of Indy Racing Portal will be characterized by fairness, independence, integrity and member focus.
Indy Racing Portal will continually seek to broaden its member base, while embracing those who have supported Indy Racing Portal through the years.